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  Jayant, an engineer by chance and photographer by choice, is a professional photographer from Pune, Maharashtra. Many years ago, he started clicking photos as a hobby. Thus, began his journey from hobby clicks to a professional photographer. Since many years, Jayant’s passion is to capture your smile and nature’s beauty. In this journey, he also discovered his interest for people and wedding photography. As a freelance photographer for many years, Jayant can anticipate exactly where to focus and aim his camera and thus ensures that you get the happy moments to treasure for generations to come.


    Apart from his profession as a photographer, he is a father, husband, traveller and a nature lover. He is extremely committed and is sincere towards his passion for photography. Through his skills, he captures a soothing blend of love, smile, joy, romance and excitement in every frame. The mantra is to create everlasting experiences, so that clients are at ease and can deliver their best natural self.

    The desire for exploration and his professional attitude is what motivates him to catch fascinating images. With more than 5 years of experience, he specializes  in wedding shoots including Destination wedding, Pre and Post-weddings, Fashion, Portraits, Maternity (Pre and Post) shoots, commercials and event photography (Videography and Cinematography). Apart from photography, his skills also include photo editing, designing, cinematography and illustration. To make this journey interesting, he ensures that his photographs are not only exquisite, but also helps his clients to embrace the moment that was captured.


Participations, awards and accolades:

  • 2012: Appreciation for Excellence in “Photography Contest”

  • 2013: Participation in “Art Of Photography Workshop”

  • 2013: “Bronze frog”photograph was published at gallery of IEECC, Pune

  • 2014: “House Sparrow” photograph selected for exhibition of “KVIFF”

  • 2014: Third prize in ‘My Pune’s Photography Contest’during Ganesh festival

  • 2015: Third prize in ‘Bapagraphy Photography Exhibition and Competition’ during Ganesh festival

  • 2016: Finalist at ‘Youth4Clicks 2016’organized by SAEVUS Magazine And HCMWF, MAHARASHTRA

  • 2018: Featured photographer in ' SANCTUARY ASIA " Magazine

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